Sunday, April 7, 2013

BEDA #7 - Perfect

Date: 7th April 2013

hey blog buddies,
since it's the 7th BEDA on the 7th of April, i would blog something about the number 7
do you know that the number 7 is associated with 'perfection'
God created the world and rested on the 7th day
ancient Greeks regard 7 as a holy number

but today, i'm going to talk about something more superficial
i'm going to talk about the area of physical "perfection"
if i'm to sum it all up, i would say that it was once said
"Perfection is boring, imperfection is beautiful"
and Tyra Banks said
"Perfect is boring, human is beautiful"

if you think you're ugly, i would say
How dare you call God's masterpiece ugly
and there is so much more than what people say
if everyone has the "prefect" nose, "perfect" height, "perfect" figure, "perfect" boob,
this would probably show that God is very dull and lack creativity
plus, if everyone looked alike, everyone will have to wear a name tag...
yea? yea?

so, ladies, gentlemen,
embrace your imperfections
work on your "imperfections" if you want to because you want to and not because people pressure you to
i like the idea ad some ad campaigns that promote inner beauty as opposed to the perfect physical form...
and that is why i love people like Tyra Banks and also the people at Victoria's Secret when Tyra said they never pressured her to lose weight...

embrace your beauty
but that doesn't mean you should give up your diet plan and gain all the kilos again...
be healthy and love yourself...
cos everyone else would too...

yours truly,

below picture may not be suitable for younger kids

added this video for you guys...
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