Saturday, April 6, 2013

BEDA #6 - Role Play

Date: 6th April 2013

hey blog buddies...
today is a day that i'm actually tired and want to go to bed early...
but nonetheless, i'll give you guys something to read...
and today, i'm gonna role play...
and which better role to play for a blogger than the role of the likes of Gossip Girl...
so, here goes...
if i'm to be that type of blogger, my first post might be something like this...


Hey Upper East Siders,
Blogger Boy here
Your secondary source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite
What Gossip Girl tries to hide, i'll reveal

Now, what does every dark lord has?
Minions I would say.
So here's your chance to fill those spots
And applications are wide open
Just send me your best tips and a selected few will join me in ranks of becoming my Blog Babies

What's in it for you, you may ask?
Let's just say, your nights will be 7 times more fun with invitations to the most elite parties that your friends could only wish to go and lavish gifts even money can't buy

Get tipping people
The night waits for no one

yours truly,

so, how was it?
do i sound like an evil dark lord, wanting to conquer the social world and ruin lives?
let me know in the comments below...

signing off,


lizamaria said...

hmm it was dark lord-ish right up until "blog babies" then we drifted into more blair/serena

Jared Ha Daiki said...

LOL.... did we?