Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi... this is just a rant of what I'm currently feeling cos I just wanna get it out of my chest but got no one to talk to about. I guess it's an annual thing. Every year, nearing my birthday,  I will be drowned with a sense of utter rubbish. It feels as though, other than my family, no one else cares. I guess it's true I may not have close friends who would actually take the time and effort to make me feel special no matter how much I've done to make sure everyone else is okay. I know it sounds selfish... and I hate myself for feeling that way. Also, I hate the fact that as much as I appreciate what my family does, I could not shake the feeling that it's not enough. Truth is, they've done more than enough but it's the negative feeling that comes with expectations from others... I'm not making any sense... but I guess that's fine... I've been alone for 24 years years and it's not gonna change anytime soon anyway.