Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life now...

its been 7 months since i started a "new" life in Upper East Side.
ooops... Bandar Tasik Puteri I mean...hehe

Some good memories and some not so good experience...
the thing is, sometimes, I can't talk to anyone though I have the urge, or maybe I really dunno who to talk to except for God himself as I'm "talking" to myself...

But church life is really reaLLY REALLY good now...
I've been able to blend into the youths...
Guess their kinda like my old friends in Selayang after all...
(the secret of our friendship back in Selayang was that we're all different in character but we have the same interest. With our differences, we complete each other and complement each others' weaknesses).
The Youths have been really supportive. When I wasn't part of them yet (in my opinion that time), they nevcer gave up in pulling me in...
Thanks guys...
XOXO to all of you..

But school life now is a totally different story...
I used to love going to school cos my friends are there.
I know that each morning, when I arrive, Sha will be there.
We'll chat till the others arrive.
Now, every time I reach school, I put down my bag and I circle round the Basketball ring. looking at people around me, chatting like so happily and having their cliques.
Last time, we'll walk in one big group, we'll wait till all are together unless its urgent that we arrive early and can't afford to wait.
now, I wait for some at times, but when it's my turn to be "running late", no one really waits for me anymore other that a few occasions.
The thing is, its already 7 months.
If you're saying in Selayang we had 4 years, then think again.
In Selayang, it was like only 1-2 months Dean and I bonded.
Its like, last time was always "We,Us, and Ourselves",
now its "I,Me, and Myself"
I don't deny that some of them are nice, but we aren't as close I was with my gang.

other than life now....

I notice whenever I sing, I tend to imagine a stage (like the one in Love In Ice clip down there somewhere), where it is dark and I can't see anyone.
Then, I'll tend to release, full force my voice for an audience of ONE. GOD!!!

I dunno if I should say this, but to some of us in the worship team (including myself),
sometimes, we tend to make "worship" into a performance.
"I must get the right chords. The right notes. The right tune. Or else I'll be a complete screw up." was at times in our mind that we totally forgot what really matters.
When I had that thought at times, I'll remember God said to me before, "Let Go." and I'll totally feel God in the song instead of making it a performance, like today actually...
At first, when I was doing the solo in the start of Heart of Worship, I kinda sensed God saying, "Are you really bringing a heart of worship of is this just another performance?', then I just released and let God take over and it was like WOW!!!
but then again, we must give our best to the King of Kings as well, so don't purposely play not full heartedly until the song goes terrible...
so it all comes down to just one thing, when we come back to a heart of worship, we not only focus on God, we will tend to do well as well, automatically...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Will Reign Forever and Ever

<<another song...sorry my singing is not really good>>

Jesus Christ
Here I am
Bowing down before your throne

Risen up
And I lift your name up high

One day all the world will sing


You are my god
And I will sing
Forever and ever

You are my lord
The coming king
Forever you will reign


One day the world will know your name
One day they’ll all proclaim you reign
One day your kingdom comes and reigns

Repeat Chorus

Friday, June 20, 2008



Fighting battles of life together
Hand in hand being there for each other
Through storms and rain
Always remain
Friends forever, sticking together.

Remembering the times we had together
Often laughing at one another
Though many times each other we don’t bother
Yet deep down inside, we treat each other like sister and brother.

In troubled times
We lend our shoulders
Because we know we can count on one another
To be there for each other

Even though we are all different
We stuck together
Be there for each other
If you hurt one of us
You hurt all of us.

Neither distance nor time
Will keep us from one another
Even if we are far apart
The bond we have is never too far.

Did not expect to come this far
Never expect to befriend one another
We are all too different
Yet here we are
Promising each other
Saying “Friends Forever”

Sometimes we tend to hurt each other
Sometime we went too far
But in the end it’s always the same
We made up and promise to help each other

Monday, June 16, 2008

Moral essays DONE!!!


8 grueling essays that sucked sooo much of my brain juice are finally done...

Waking up in the wee hours to do it seems ok (don't tell mum yea...hehe)...
Cos i targeted that i won't sleep till i finally finish them...

Now, only a little left...
i think i can make it before the deadline...

Hip hip...

The Procrastinator managed to finish his work...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Diane helped me with my song...

the lyrics are finally done...
thanks to Diane sooo much...
for all your honest opinions...
really 1 year wiser...hehe

Thank You Diane...

(now, only need to compose it... snaps* YOUTHS!)


(if only if only...)

Amazing God

Amazing God,
You are amazing
Forever and ever
I stand amazed.

Here I stand in awe
Amazed at what you do
And all you've done.

You've captured my heart
And forever I'll sing
Sing your praise
Till that day
I meet you face to face
Or till you bring me home
Once again.

Verse 1
When I look to the stars at night
I know it will all be alright
With You holding me tight
Guiding me through my stormy nights.

When I'm down
I could not face myself
My ghost
They haunt me
Till I just wanna hide in a shelf
But You held me close
Whispered to my ears
"You are mine and I'll forever love you".

Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus

Verse 2
You lifted me up when I'm down
You carried me through the raging storm
So I'll forever love You
Forever worship You.

I've witnessed your power
Your mercy, your Grace
I won't turn back now
Because You are amazing
And I'm captured by it.

Repeat Chorus

To fly with You by my side
To run with You beside
To feel with You inside
Under Your wings I'll hide
Cos' I'm finally found
Found in Your eyes.

Repeat Chorus

Another Nice Song

Another Nice Song By TVXQ
Listening to the song already can make you cry, what more after knowing the meaning.

TVXQ - Love In Ice

Romaji Lyrics
Tsumetei sono te
kimino sei janai
ozaneki hibi ota
kisu kakae

Darekawo aisuru
koto sore teru no
Kotoba no uragawa
semo ukete

kokoro ga
korino youni
sotto toketazu

Daremoga darekani
aisareru tameni
kono youni
minochiwo kiname kaze ru no sa

[JunSu]Sorega moshimo bokunara
mou ichido kimino kokoro wo
toa no yasashisare atatameru yo

[YooChun] Unmeino itesuha

[JaeJoong] Kokorowo ita metemo~

[JaeJoong&YooChun] Sono namida no sakiniwa

[YunHo] Hito sujimo hikarira

[ChangMin] Yamino naka maiyorite~

[ChangMin&YunHo] Bokura wo kisu kosa

Kurushi hodoni tsuyoku
kanji ya eru
hitono yukumori

Daremoga mouteru
kanashi ni akonoku
iyashite moraeru
ashosaga shite iru

So kimini sono basho ga
kokoni aru sawo sorenaide
Mou mayo anaide bokuga mamoru

[JunSu] (JaeJoong)
Setsunai hodo (my heart)
Utsukushii aridakara
Hakanai hodo
munowa shi kono tokiwo

Daremoga darekani
aisareru tameni
kono youni
minochiwo kirame kaze ru no sa
Sorega moshimo boku nara
mou ichido kimi no kokoro wo
toa no yasashisare atatameru yo

Those freezing hands aren't your fault
They carry scars from long before
Afraid to love someone,
You turn your back on the other side of the words...

Like ice, the embraced heart slowly starts to thaw

* For anyone to be loved by someone,
Makes life in this world shine
If it was me, I’d make your heart warm once more
With eternal tenderness

Even if fate’s games hurt the heart...
On the other side of the tears,
A single ray of light will swoop down into the darkness
We know that this is so

As strong as the suffering, we can feel people’s warmth

Everyone is searching for a place
That can take away the sorrow and loneliness
So… for you, that place is here
Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate anymore, because I’ll protect you

To the point of being painful (my heart)
This love is beautiful (don’t be afraid)
Even if just momentarily (let you know my love)
This time is beautiful (you know… let you know my love)

* Repeat

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Starting a fanfic

time to put my writing skills and creativity to the test...
start a fanfic.
i've just posted my first chapter.
its in my other blog as you can see in my blog buddies corner.

the title of my fan fic is
Power Rangers Engine Velocity

typical me to start a fanfic with power rangers...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tagged... again

Tagged by Alyssa

1) What do you want the most now?
someone who wanna be with me

2) Who is the person you trust the most?
honestly... no one yet...

3) Are you in love?
not really...

4) If you have a dream you really want to come true, what is it?
hmmm... getting a part as a blue ranger???

5) Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
science says yea... so YEA...

6) Whats your goal for this year?
finish SPM... and fast...

7) Do you believe in eternity?
Bible says yea... so YEA...

8) Have you ever broken a person's heart that he/she wanna commit suicide?
as far as i know, no...

9) What feelings do you love most?

10) What are the requirements from your other half?
loves God a lot so she can rope me back to God if i stray, independent but dependent on me (get what i mean???), love God more than me...

11) What kinds of feelings you hate the most?
betrayal and rejection

12) Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
real ones... yea... not with fakers (fake friends who uses you...)

13) What do you want to do in the future?
dunno yet

14) What is the most important thing in your life?
now??? erm.. getting right with God...

15) What do you feel last night?

16) Who do you hope to always be there for you?
my future GF/wife

17) When do you think the world will end?
no idea... Its all up to God...

18) The world ends tomorrow. What will you do?
pray that I'll be safe for heaven

19)What do you think of the person who tagged you?
she reminds me a little about me... quite but cool... hehe... thats Alyssa Koh

20) What do you want to know right now?
if there is anyone out there for me...

Then add 6 people in you list and list them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their chatterbox that he/she has been tagged!

01. Daphne Che Che
o2. Kimberly Koh
o3. Carissa Morias
o4. Aaron Tay
o5. Grace Goh
o6. anyone else...

Internet working again

last Friday or Saturday (can't remember), my comp's internet was down.
Wireless connected but server not found....
now its working...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm touched

FGA KD youths made a b'day card for me this year...
I'm so touched...
Its my first year serving here and I got a card from them...
I haven't even join their YC but still they did this BEAUTIFUL card for me...
some of them, I don't even know personally but still they leave nice messages...

thx a lot for all the compliments(sorry, I can't reveal names cos I don't want others to get upset if their names were not mentioned),
I don't feel so bad now...hehe
(not that I'm oh-so evil but I don't feel nice bout myself at times)

Sooo sorry oso that I can't join Youth Camp this year...
I had to go to skool...

last but not leas,
once again, I'm sooo touched...
thx all sooo much...
(soo touched till dunno wat to write and can't write properly ady...LOLZ)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nice Day

today seems to have gone by well...

1st, My physics went up from the first test... i got a 47 last time( as was blogged), to 58!!! YAY!!! not too much improvement but good enough...

2nd, I had my haircut today... i printed a guide from the internet and told de hairstylist to cut a bit shorter cos i'm still in skool... and I'm well satisfied with it.

3rd, both torrents that i've been waiting these few days finally finished. they're both movies...Ironman and Death Note Movie 1 (can't believe i watched Death Note)

4th,.... nothing else actually..

have a nice day ahead...
cos I had...

back in reality, i still got 5 essays to do but i'm TOOO LAZY!!!
tonnes of work, 1 problem, TOO LAZY!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

50 things bout me

I've been reading on some biodata quizzes...
take up this quiz I made...
it'll be lotsa fun, but please be honest

01. Name: Jared Yap

02: DOB: 22 May 1991

03. Blood type: B

04. Religion: Christian

05. Personality: quirky and sometimes (most of the times) wierd but not too gutsy

06. What I like most bout myself: that i can be a nice friend

07. What I dislike most bout myself: my face and weight

08. Current Message Tone: Rising Sun (JAP) chorus by TVXQ

09. Current Ring tone: Jiu Shi Ai Nie (Family) by David Tao, Just Make It Out by Manpei Takagi

10. When I look into the mirror: do i look better like this or like tat???

11. Fav. Colour(s): Blue, White,Black

12. Fav. Number: 2

13. Fav. Pet: Puppies

14. Fav. Season: Winter (love the colour of it... so peaceful)

15. Something I wish I have now: hmmm.... someone to hold me tight and is willing to be with me (hey, even a guy wants to feel secure)

16. Likes a person which: has nice personality and is nice to me

17. Dislikes a person: who is rude and thinks he is all that

18. When I'm angry: I wanna scream

19. When I'm happy: shopping anyone???

20. I look best when: I'm in a good mood and dresses normal or in casual style???

21. I look terrible: When I'm not nice

22. 1st thing when I wake up: school??? kuyashii!!!

23. If I can't sleep: toss and turn till i do or listen to music

24. Fears: insecurity

25. Fav. word/phrase: 2kool4skool

26. Languages: English, Malay, Chinese and learning a little Japanese

27. My ideal BF/GF: smart, intelligent, strong, loves GOD a lot so she can help me through if i stray

28: 1st BF/GF: none

29: 1st kiss: does my mum count??? then, not yet

30. Wanna have a BF/GF: when I am 16 but never came to past

31. Crushes: twice but none succeeded

32. What is your fav present: really dunno and can't remember

33. Most romantic imagination: walking by the beach holding hands with her and no one around

34. Impossible dream(s): star as the new Blue Ranger, be the opening act of TVXQ in M'sia

35. Latest word learned: Saranghae(Korean)

36. Confession time to him/her: looking into her eyes and say "Sa...rang...hae..."(stuttering) (i feel Korean or Japanese language is sooo romantic)

37. I'll never: rape anyone... streak... molest anyone... LOLZ...

38. If i pick up RM 1M: jump up and down but turn it in to the police cos someone might drop it

39. If I was given RM 1M: jump up and down, save some, tithe some and SHOPPING TIME!!!

40. Fav. Hobby: sleep...

41. Fav. Singer/Band: currently, TVXQ, other than that, Fahrenheit, David Archuleta

42. You discover you are not "banana" when: I started to listen to Chinese, Korean and Japanese songs

43. Happiest when: know that I'm being loved

44. Saddest when: people scolds me without real reason

45. If I can date anyone: Rina Aizawa!!! (if i'm a girl, he'll be Micky from TVXQ)

46. Like (looks): cute for girls (KAWAII!!!), clean looks for guys (maybe like the ones from TVXQ)

47. Food I can live on: SUSHI!!!! LOLZ

48. Best time of my life: Form 3 and 4 in SMKSB... memories

49. Dream ambition: entertainer (actor or singer), steward (so I can travel round the world)

50. Alcohol Tolerance level: erm... 3 sips??? LOLz... dunno, never drunk before

thats most of the things about me...
how about YOU try it...
have fun...

Type fast test

35 words


Help!! Too Lazy

tons of work to do...
the only problem is...
Too lazy...
i don't wanna be lazy actually but i just can't help it..

bored of internet but can't seem to get my fingers off it...

so lazy but have to do work ady...
k then...

Vid Project

I don't think i need to say too much...
take a watch and see how..

(My Selayang Friends and me)

Power Ranger Friends Upgrade

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OMG!!! SPM 2008 Timetable

Its not the confirmed 100% one yet but from what i read and the website its from,
it looks real...
Most of the time, they will follow this one if everything goes on smoothly (no floods and whatsoever)

SPM 2008 Time Table

Impossible Dreams

I've been thinking lately of some dreams that is rather impossible for me but might be possible for some other ppl...

Dream 1:
break into the Entertainment Industry...

Why its not possible: I don't have the looks and my voice is rather average

If I do, whats further dreaming: To learn Japanese and break into J-Pop, then Korean to break into K-Pop and finally, collaborate with big names like TVXQ and Da Mouth. WOW!!! Dream come true leh...

[ }(^.^){ Little Angel: weh, weh... too much eh...]

Easier one: Try Hollywood... and then Mando or Kanto Pop. Collaborate with David Archuleta, Fahrenheit and other favorites...

Why its easier: Not much language learning.

However: Never forget GOD if i do... Remember to give back to GOD by spreading His word through songs, make a good image and not be like LiLo or Britney to stain GOD's image coz we are the light.

Dream 2:
star in a Power Ranger season as the Blue or Sixth Ranger (actually, any male ranger except for red)

Why its not possible: I don't live in US, Canada, NZ or Australia. I don't have the looks and the stunts needed.

If I do, whats further dreaming: Land a guest role in Super Sentai series.

However: same thing as above...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday outing

yesterday, i went on an outing wid my old buds...
here are some pics...
sry Pari, your pic is not in...
x sempat ambik gambar wid u...

Jess and I

Guys in Sushi King

Added new figurine

This one cost RM 25...
so total is now RM 94 + RM 25 = RM119

This one is too tall for the usual place where i kept the others cos this one is about 28cm while the max height of the box is 26 cm...

My Favorite...
till I even slept wid it...


tagged by Che Che

8 things I'm passionate about.

-Power Rangers and Super Sentai
-My Friends

8 things I say too often

-Huh?/ Wat?
-As I was saying...
-Yeah rite
-I'm "OK"
-Like that la.../Normal only la...

8 books I've read recently (not necessarily finished)

-Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
-Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
-Chronicles of Narnia : Voyage of the Dawn Trader
-Resipi Dunia Baru: McDonalds
-Reference books
-Galxie (if you call this a book)
-Death Note Manga
-Lawak Kampus Comics

8 Songs I can listen to over and over again

-Holding back the tears, TVXQ
-Rising Sun, TVXQ
- Hug, TVXQ
-One Last Cry, Micky Yoochun(TVXQ)
-In this moment, David Archuleta
-Zhong Ji Xi Jiang YES SIR! (Final trap yes sir!), 5566
-Jiu Shi Ai Ni (Only Love You), David Tao
-Just Make It Out, Manpei Takagi

8 Things I've learn in the past year

-God, He never leaves you though how bad you thought you've become
-treasure your friends
-different personality people can be friends (opposites attract)
- I can't speak to a large number of girls like my brother can... (max 2-3)
-be careful of who to trust
-a little Nihongo Ha (Japanese Language)
-Japanese girls are mostly cute!!! hehe (grinning slyly)
-I like nerdy looking girls (dunno why...)

8 people to tag

-Kimberly Koh
-Grace Goh
-Carissa Morias
-Alyssa Koh
-Christen Koh
-Joshua Hooi
-Amelia Tay
-Aaron Tay

hehe...have fun... ;)

Holding Back The Tears

I've been listening to this song lately...
The melody is sooo sad...
Knowing the meaning of the words made it even sadder...
sob sob...

Neways, its a song by TVXQ called
Holding Back The Tears

Nihongo Ha Dekimasu

it mean, I can speak Japanese in well...
not really well but slowly picking up.
these few day, I've been looking at Japanese language learning websites.
these are a few word i've learned.
not referring...

Ohayoo -Good Morning
Konichiwa - Hello
Konbawa - Good Evening
Oyasumi - Good Night
Oyasuminasai - Good Night (more polite)
Arigato - Thank you
Sayoonara - Good Bye
Itadakimas - Lets Eat!!!
Hishashiburi - Long time no see
Oishii - delicious
Mazuii - taste terrible
Dewa Mata Kono Tsugi - See you next time
Tsukareta - tired
Namae - name
sai - age (... years old)
Itchi (silent i at the back, so its like itch') - one
Ni - two
San - Three
Si/Yon - Four (si and yon both means 4 but si is also like die in Japanese, so its nicer to use Yon)
Go - Five
Roku - Six
Sichi/ Nana - Seven
Hachi - Nine
Ku - Nine
Zyu (pronounced like ju) - Ten
Eleven - Zyu Itchi the teens are spoken with zyu first followed by the number)
Ni Zyu - Twenty
Kanben Shitte Yo - Gimme a break
Kuyashii - Darn it!
Ureshii - Happy
Kanashii - Sad
Ringgo - Apple
Dekimasu (pronounced Dekimas') - I can do it
Dekimasen - I can''t do it
Nihongo - Japanese Language
Eigo - English language
Nihongo Ha (pronounced wa) dekimasu - I can speak Japanese
Nihongo ha dekimasen - I can't speak Japanese
Eigo de ittekudasai - Can you please speak in English?
Kudasai - please
Niisan - elder brother
Nesan - elder sister

i guess thats a few i learned, without referring...

Monday, June 2, 2008

New collectibles...

as you know, ive been collecting Go-Onger figurines...
i just added some to my collection.

total now...

RM 35 (last time) + RM 48 (6 figurines of 5 sentai and Engine-O) + RM 10 (engine Buson) =


but there is one even more expensive,
a weapon for RM139...
maybe I'll get it when i get a job after spm...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Game finished...

I finally finished the game within a week...

what game???
its actually called Imagine Fashion designer.
Yea, you might think, where's the logic of a guy playing fashion design game...
but actually, i like to design fashion, so that game appeals to me...

the storyline...
You play as a trainee by the name of Clara Willard.
She just graduated from Style Factory and now works for this super famous company by the name of Sullivan Industries.
She meets with her friend there, Carole.
Later on, Clara investigates company's cosmetic department's designer's, Kim Doherty dark secret, using animal for test although is is against the rule. Kim Doherty is a powerful character as she is the second wife(first wife died) of Nelson Sullivan, the founder of Sullivan's industry.
Clara, together with the help of Carole and Scott Sullivan (son of Nelson and first wife) finally uncovers Kim secrets.
In the end, Clara marries Scott.
bla bla bla...

You can also design you own "portfolio" here in the custom game mode.
other features are jewelery design and make up stuff...

if anyone wants to borrow the game, pls do ask me yea...