Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scene Script #1

I always have ideas for short scenes but i don't really know how to develop it till the end... so, i'll be starting a new series and calling it, Scene Script where i'll post short scenes that could be interesting in a short story... so, feel free to incorporate or use my scenes if you want to, just you know, credit them... so, here goes SS #1

 I unlock the door of my apartment, tired after a long day at work. Wait, tired would be an understatement. It was more like exhausted. I took my shower and was heading to bed when my cellphone rang. Seeing the caller id, I know I have to take this no matter how tired I was.

"Yea, baby?" I said as I answered the phone.
"Babe...*sob sob... I had a bad day at work." she said over at the other end.
To be honest, I had already have a heavy load today and i would just love to snuggle into bed and sleep but out of nowhere, I asked, "You want me to come over?"
"Babe, you just came back from work, you're tired. I shouldn't have called." she answered.
"It's okay. I insist." I replied.
"*sniffles... Okay." she said as she hangs up the cellphone.

For a moment, I regretted offering but then again, she's the most important person in my life right now since my parents are halfway around the world. I pack up my toiletries and a set of work clothes for tomorrow and drove over. To be honest, I think I might have fell asleep a little while driving.

*Ding Dong
I rang the doorbell as she came to the door and answered. Mustering all the energy I have left, I gave a smile as I see her wiping her tears on her giant puppy plushie I got her last Christmas. I held out a bag of potato chips and I brought her to the couch.

Holding her, I asked if she would want to talk about it. She shook her head gently. I held her tightly and comforted her, rubbing her back.
"Let's watch a movie then." I suggested.
She just nodded.

Cuddling on the couch, we watched 13 going on 30, her favorite movie. Moments later, I felt her head resting on my shoulders as she fell soundly asleep. I then, carried her to her room and tuck her in. Walking back out, I decided to catch some shut eyes on the couch. But before that, I set my alarm so I could wake up the next morning.

My alarm rang and woke my up. Went into the bathroom, took my shower and brushed my teeth. Seeing that her room door is still shut, i assume she's still asleep. With time to spare, I decided to make her a nice breakfast and clean the kitchen up a little. I set her breakfast neatly on the table before I leave for work with a note saying,

      Made you breakfast. I'm off to work. I'll call you tonight. Love you."