Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 strangers + 1 umbrella (Part 1)

It was 5.15pm, the streets are jammed with cars moving about, ranging from a Ferari to a mere local car. The sky looked beautiful with a shady blue complexion and hints of clouds.
It was in a bus stand. People were waiting for the bus or even a taxi. Some were sitting, some were standing.

A young man was walking slowly towards the bus stand, carrying a black little back pack. He was wearing a light blue shirt with black slacks and a plain white tie. His jacket is hanging on his bag. He stood in front of everyone, ignoring the shade that the roof provided.

Soon after, the bus stand began filling up with people from all walks of life. Some just came out from the comfort of their office while others are just waiting for their transport home. Then, a lady, in her 20's was walking towards the bus stand. She was wearing the typical office wear, white shirt and navy pencil skirt, a Louis Vuitton handbag in her right hand. By now, all spaces under the roof are all taken. So, she stood in front of the bus stand, waiting anxiously for the bus.

Suddenly, what was the last thing anyone would ever wish or at least those under the bus stand began to happen. The cloud began to gather and the sky began to cry.
"Oh no," the lady exclaimed, holding up her hand bag to cover herself from the rain.
The man who was mentioned earlier quickly turned to his back pack and pulled out a nice metallic blue umbrella, opened it up and found shelter for himself under the shadow of the umbrella. He looked at the girl. Nervously, he took a few steps towards her.
"Erm. Excuse me miss, would you like to share my umbrella? I have space." he asked, shyly, hoping she would take his sincere gesture of kindness and would not that he have a bad intention.

The lady looked at him and then turned her sights around.
"Th-thanks." she said and stepped under the umbrella.
After that, it was a quiet evening ahead.

Minutes later, the rain stopped.
"Thank you." the girl said.
"Its nothing. That's the least I could have done." the young man said with a smile.
The lady smiled back.
"Kara," she said, her hand reaching out for a handshake.
"Mack," the man replied, returning the handshake.
"That is a nice name. Mack." Kara said, repeating Mack's name.
"You too." Mack said.
From then on, the two chatted like they knew each other for ages.

Soon after, the bus arrived.
"Oh, thats my ride right there." Kara said.
She then took out her purse and took out a card.
"Here, here's my number. Maybe we could chat some other time." Kara said, handing Mack her business card.
"Kara Lee." Mack read the name written on the card.
"Thanks," he said.
He then took out his cellphone and dialed some numbers.
Kara's cellphone rang.
"And now you have mine." Mack said.
"Thanks. Alright. I have to go now." Kara said as she board the bus.
Mack waved goodbye to her as the bus left.

credit: picture is not mine, copyright infringement unintended. however, if the owner wants the picture down, i'll be happy to oblige...