Monday, December 29, 2014

Nike Shoes and How to Wear Them

hey y'all,
how's the holidays so far?
how's Christmas?

so, i woke up this morning and decided to just check up on the blog (well, since this blog is pretty low in traffic, i guess i need not check up on it too often or at all but i did)
i found a comment left on my OOTD post and decided to take a read...
turns out, well, Zalora approached me to have a collab with them and to write up on Nike Shoes...
as we all know, Zalora is a online fashion shopping site and when it comes to fashion, i'll be interested (albeit not having a lot of chances to be)
(wah, like big time blogger where people approach you to write)
My mission, if i were to accept it, is to write up on Nike shoes...
if you know me in person, or if i've told you before, Nike is one of my favourite brands of shoes
heck, my first branded pair of sport shoes were Nike's and i've been wearing Nike's for years since then until one fateful day where i did some spring cleaning and had to donate my shoes away leaving me with no Nike shoes... :(
but, oh well, i guess i'll get a pair when i have the chance...

now, guys,
i sometimes blog on fashion tips and today is one of those days
well, Aaron Marino from Alpha M says that you attire should start from the shoes and today, let's put that into action...
here are some suggestions on how to complement your Nike's

everyone knows that Nike's are well known for their sports line
if you're going to the gym or just shooting some hoops, you could pair your Nike's with some gym shorts or even sweat pants.
heck, if you're feeling a bit lazy but you need to go out, just slip on some Nike's and well, let's just say that your fashion points will rise

if you're going for a more casual look, one that is suited for out hot weather, you could even pair your Nike's with shorts. Bear in mind though that if you're wearing your Nike's with shorts, they should not be from the basketball shoes line. it's just not right and it doesn't fit well... trust me, i've been there... and now, Nike even has some casual looks that is comfortable to walk around with but more importantly, fashionable. pair you tan Nike's with bermudas. you could match the colors or let it be different, just play with it at your own accord... there's no biggie, just experiment and see...

you could even take your Nike's indoors. wear them to class or even in the office for casual Fridays. pair them with dark jeans or even chinos... as for your top, you could go a little less casual by putting on a polo t-shirt, a button up, sweaters or just any type of top you would wear in the office... however, Nike's walk a fine line between casual and formal and you need to be fashion savvy to be able to walk that line and not cross over...

below is a quick guide on what to pair which type of shoes with provided by Business Insider

so, with that in mind, head on to Zalora and check out their Nike Shoes Collection and expand your wardrobe for the coming year...

Happy New Year and May 2015 Be Awesome

Friday, December 12, 2014

Product Review: Daiso's Menthol Scalp Conditioner for Men

so, from my last post, i've told you guys that i've just dyed my hair
and this time, i used hydrogen peroxide that got my hair kinda dry...
it gets all tangled when i wash my hair and has a rough and coarse texture to it when wet and clean (after i shampoo my hair)
so, normally, i would not use conditioner but because of all the coarse texture that i'm so not used to, i decided to get myself a bottle of conditioner

i was in Daiso to get a lamp shade and decided to walk around and found myself a bottle of Daiso's Menthol Scalp Conditioner
I have to say, i was a bit skeptical but hey, Daiso is from Japan and these Japanese take their beauty products really seriously
taking a leap of faith, i decided to purchase the Scalp Conditioner
it's a plus cos it's written 'for Men' (hmmmm....)

went home, washed my hair and tried out the conditioner
as i applied and massaged my hair with the conditioner, the fragrant menthol smell fills my nostrils...
however, i did not feel the tingling sensation that i expect on my head but i felt it in my eyes...
hmmm... is it weird that the smell alone can give that light tingling sensation to your eyes?
i was not too bothered by it and washed the conditioner off, and lo and behold, the tingling sensation that i desire is there...
i was almost in ecstasy...(not really but yeah)
it was great...

my stylist once told me that it's good to wash or massage my hair with menthol hair products cos it will unclog and clean those follicles that are filled and probably clogged with sweat and dust residue...

after drying my hair, it did feel soft and light and i could run my fingers through my hair, so, it does what a conditioner suppose to do (at least that's what i feel conditioners are supposed to do)

the product is white in color with the texture you would expect from a conventional hair conditioner

so, overall, i give it a 5/5 for a fulfilling product at a good price (everything in Daiso is RM5, duh... well, except for premium items, but well, this is RM5) (though i don't know how much a bottle of conditioner cost)

while we're at it, let me also show you the new lamp shade i got for my wall lamp

Saturday, December 6, 2014

From brown to blue

Hey guys,
So, it's been a month since i last dyed my hair...
not that i don't like it,
in fact, i actually do kinda like it...
but i guess i'm just a little bored and wanted to try stuff i won't usually do

my sister told me of this powder hair highlight dye that is fairly cheap from MagicBoo and so, i guess i wanted to try it out... from the list, i saw that they have blue and thus began my search for it but to my disappointment, they do not have it anymore. i called up a few other MagicBoos that is near my place or where i could access and all of them ran out of the blue hair highlighter dye. however, the one from Damansara Utama told me that there is another option of trying out Kelter hair color cream. well, long story short, i said DU is not really along the way and called KD where they have those in stock and got mine from them.

so, i got myself the Kelter Spirulina Permanent Color Cream in blue and the developer (hydrogen peroxide)
they cost RM15 for the dye and RM5 for the hydrogen peroxide (i'm using the 9% one)

so, let's try this out...
things ready
Review : the mixing is easy and you will get a grey goo

before hair
still brownish

after hair

the color didn't turn out very obvious which i guess is evident by how the camera could not pick up the color...
but in real life, the color is like a dark green-blueish color...
not exactly the color i was looking for but i guess i don't really mind
well, i guess i'm back to having dark hair then

The worst part of dyeing your hair if you're not careful is this...
the staining... i guess they'll come off in 2-3 days...

Kelter Spirulina Permanent Color Cream is affordable (1 tube of 100ml cost RM15), but the smell is pretty strong, so, make sure you have a good air way passage. The color payoff is not as i expected but that could be because i did not bleach my hair first. The blue turned out greenish instead. They did mention that it should be used by professionals, so, i guess maybe you could ask your hairstylist friends or your own hairstylist what they think about it. The instructions are in Chinese which i can't read but maybe you could ask how to properly do it from the MagicBoo staff. I just mixed it with the developer, slabbed them into my hair and leaf it for 40 minutes, covered with a shower cap and using my blow dryer to heat it occasionally. The washing off it fairly easy, though, you will definitely need conditioner to make it smooth as my hair was a bit tangled from the dyeing. Overall, i think i give it a 4/5 cos the color does come out, but not as i expected. The stinging is there but it's bearable, so, it you have sensitive scalp, well, i guess it's better if you just keep it natural or go for other alternative.

#OOTD 06/12/2014

Hey guys,
I'll be trying to document my #OOTD's and, well, let's see what you guys think...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

First Christmas Shopping (for myself) Haul

Hey there. It's been a while.
I'm not too sure what happened this entire year that I've put blogging aside.
I've had my break and I guess it's time for a "comeback".
So, as for my comeback, my first post will be a haul on my first Christmas shopping (in a way)

Firstly, I have to say, a few days before, I cleared my closet for the Christmas Carnival Jumble sale and so, well, I don't have as many clothes as I used to...
I mean, look at the amount of clothes I'm letting go (cue "Let it Go")

Yea, so yesterday, I was with my kids for their class party.
Pretty nice of them to invite me despite only teaching them for about 4 months.
We were at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam for the class party where we ate and bowl and well, i did a little shopping there myself.
But first, let's see what my kids got me.

A ceramic tumbler from Syana and a H&M Shirt from the class... Wait, how did they know H&M is one of my favourite clothing stores??? 0_0
Thank you 4 Ali. #4AliForever

Moving on to my own purchases...
Oh, by the way, I've put allotted and budgeted to spend no more than RM100 on clothes and guess what, I spent less than that including all the non-clothing items... score!

From H&M Setia City Mall, I got myself 2 Christmas trunks and a pair of wayfarers (to be placed in my sister's car so i don't have to get my eyes burnt when i'm in her car in the afternoons)
Oh ya, have I told you I totally love it when H&M has clearance. I asked the cashier if it's a Christmas Sale or a Clearance and he said that they don't do sales, just clearance and indirectly, i think i asked him the frequency of these clearance sales and i think he says it's quarter-yearly. Anyone with insight could shed some light please.
So, the wayfarers cos only RM10 (original price is RM24.90, but the last time the screw for the exact same wayfarer dropped and I can't find an optical shop who could help out, and opted to wanting to get a new pair, it was RM39.90. It's safe to say i didn't get them then and now I'm thankful). Now that i think about it, i have to admit it's pretty unnecessary since i've fixed my shades but i guess i'll just put them in my sister's car.

Moving on to Christmas trunks!!!
If they keep this up, I might do this every year.
Last year, the Christmas trunks' theme was South Park. This year, we have The Simpsons and there's two of them. However, last year, the trunks were going for RM10 but this year, they're going for RM15. (original price is RM39.90, so, i guess i got 2 for less than the price of 1 then...) . Truth is, i didn't know the design for this year will be The Simpsons, i thought it'll just be a patterned pair of trunks and lo and behold, i was (pleasantly) surprised with the quirky The Simpsons graphic on them. I guess a little Christmas Trunks will get me more into the Christmas mood.
(Oh, puh-lease, of course i won't have a picture of me in them)

So, from H&M, due to the clearance, I've "saved" [(RM24.90 - RM10) + 2(RM39.90 - RM15)] = RM RM64.70
not bad i would say...
in a way, i can't wait to see the other H&M stores to see if they have anything else on clearance that was not offered in the one in Setia City Mall.

Now, my other purchase from Setia City Mall is a rather impulsive and useless buy. It was more for satisfying my own want. I've been eyeing this wooden alphabet from Typo for a while, and by a while, i mean ever since i've laid eyes on it. When it first came out, i think it was for RM5. They are not going for RM6. Although it's a bit pricier than it was back then, i guess it's just a tiny present for myself now that i've cleaned up my room and want to put a bit of character and decoration to it. I know i could also get similar one's from Cotton On but i'm not sure how much they are there. Might be cheaper, might be more expensive.

Other than those, i got redeemed myself (well, technically not really for myself but i'm just seizing the opportunity to redeem some freebies) 2 packets of Estee Lauder Anti-Ageing cream that i'll give out for Christmas.

You could get redeem yours by filling in a form in the link below

Click Here for Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme sample request form.

So, in total, I spent RM46 in Setia City Mall but had a blast with the kids. Thank you 4 Ali. Good Luck and All the Best with your SPM and life in general. I have no doubt you guys will do good.
(it's highly probable that they will not see this but oh well)

After Setia City Mall, i had some time to kill before going to the airport to pick my dad up so i headed to Citta Mall cos they are having a Reject Shop warehouse sale.

Well, yea, there were rugs going for RM6 but not much was there. The cheapest clothing for guys is RM15 (well, there are boxers going for RM10 if you want to consider those as clothing) but i guess if you're a lady (or you like wearing lady clothes, no judgement here) you could get stuff for as low as RM9.

I picked up some t-shirts priced at RM15 but ultimately only got 1 of them which I like cos i thought of getting more gray tops to go for a more casual manly feel. The others were good but i guess i would only go for this one as the others (though very nice) but did not attract me as such and i'm pretty much groomed mentally to be frugal as of late. (yea, ironic that i'm supposed to be frugal but doing a haul post)

And now for the last item(s) for the day, well, it's not so much of a for-fun buy but it's to replace my lost items. As usual, forgetful/clumsy/careless me would lose my stationary. I've lost my cutting items (blade and my scissors). So, i went to Times to get them replaced. Got myself some Scotch Tape as well as i've used my last one and i'm running low. Since i have my Kad Siswa, there was a bit of a discount, not much but i've got a bit off. The bill came up to RM18.40 for those 3 items (well, 4 if you consider the tape as 2 items).

Total Expenditure on items for the day:

RM40 + RM6 + RM15 + RM18.40 = RM 79.40!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

My take on the results of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2

As of late, I've been seeing a lot of Sheena Bashing on social media after she was recently, officially crowned the winner of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2.

Well, here’s my take on it. I could understand why many of you felt cheated and you think that Jodilly deserve to win more. But, I still stand that Sheena deserve to win just as much and I believe that she would benefit from it more than Jodilly. If it comes down to it, I believe the biggest prize, the contract with Storm Models is the reason that skewed the decision to Sheena's favor which would be explained later. As of the other prizes (Subaru SUV and TRESemm√©) , I could see why Jodilly might deserve them more.

You see, Jodilly is great at being a model, the verb. But as for Sheena, Sheena is a model noun. I have to admit that Jodilly may model better than Sheena, but with practice, they could be on par. Jodilly might be more daring but Sheena knows her stuff.

I may not be a professional but seeing the two, I believe that Sheena would strive and appeal to a larger/more international market than Jodilly. Agencies would book Sheena more than Jodilly. You see, Sheena has that exotic look that attracts people. She clearly has the Asian look that is currently popular in the market due to the rise in Korean fashion. She is the kind of look that one knows for sure that she is a model. Sheena reminds me of model Amber Chia and Shu Qi (if you look at Sheena’s photo’s when she has darker hair), both quite successful in their fields. As for Jodilly, she’s a very pretty girl, very sweet. But her market may not be as large as Sheena’s. She would do well in certain markets in Asia, especially in the Phillipines. Jodilly’s strength lies within her skills and talents, but if you could only see by looks, she would (to be honest) lose out to Sheena.

Also, Jodilly could clearly define a commercial model but Sheena is clearly more editorial. Seeing the trends, the Next Top Model franchise usually favors more editorial models. The current Storm Models are mostly more editorial which also explains why Sheena would fit better (justified above). Also, Harpers’ Bazaar is more editorial than commercial. Seeing from the business perspective, I believe that the editors would choose a more editorial model. Therefore, looking at business perspective, I feel that the agency would book more with Sheena than Jodilly, especially in the European market. If you would want to look at it deeper, let’s put Jessica vs Stephanie from last cycle. You could clearly see by looks alone that Jessica would book more than Stephanie, not because of her talents but because (sadly) the market. If you want to look again, compare Sofia and Stephanie. On the runway, I think Sofia would book more than Stephanie. Bottom line is, they appeal to different audiences but in the larger scale, editorial models are more desirable in the market. Now, let’s be honest. Without the show, if you see two magazines, let’s say Harpers Bazaar, at the stand, one with Sheena on it and the other with Jodilly, and you could only choose one, which would you pick up? I don’t buy magazines but if I had to, it’ll be Sheena’s. However, it’s different if it’s like Seventeen. Then, without a doubt, Jodilly’s would be the one to pick up. But look at the prizes again. It’s Harpers Bazaar.

With that being my case, I hope I shed some light as to why I think Sheena would be the more suitable winner of the competition. As for being deserving, both equally deserve it. I think the result was based more on business perspective rather than the abilities of the models because when it comes down to it, they were both on par with each other. I’ve seen some of their post-show works and I’m happy that both of them are making it big in the industry.

If you’re thinking that I’m supporting Sheena solely on the fact that I’m Malaysian myself, you are mistaken. I watched the previous cycle as well. I love and supported Melissa (still do, actually). However, because of the bitter truth and the market as it is now, I know that she would not be able to win it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Melissa, but the odds were not in her favor, at least not of this generation as Melissa is clearly more commercial than editorial (refer above). But because of Melissa’s attitude and personality, I believe she will go far in this business. Melissa is a people person, one that could appeal to normal everyday girls. Sadly, the market calls for people who girls aspire to become, which is sad but that’s the truth. I’m happy that Melissa, and even Tyra herself is trying to break that barrier.

p/s: i'm aware that i may receive some bashing after this but i have my opinion. to each their own.

Disclaimer : photo not mine, credits to