Monday, April 29, 2013

BEDA #24 - 5 Male Fashion Must Haves

BEDA #24
Date: 29th April 2013

(but it's not like you miss me or anything)

since i'll have to out a series of posts to catch up,
i'll write on something i like...
but since there's so many female fashion stuff around,
today, i'm gonna speak on male fashion
and i will start with 5 Must-haves for Every Guy

1. a black tie

As every lady needs to have her black dress, every men should have his black tie. You could (almost) never go wrong with a plain black neck tie. It's a classic and will compliment any patterns that may come as it is not loud and would work together with your shirt. Alternatively, a white tie would be good to have as well. These two colors would (usually) not clash with other colors and patterns as they're very neutral.

2. a blazer

A blazer is a must have for every guy (especially young guys). The materials may not matter much and a piece of blazer could change your whole look in a instant. By putting on a blazer on top of your average t-shirt and jeans and you will look more classy. A blazer could also change your daytime look to a night time look in an instant. Also, a blazer would do wonders on your date nights to add a bit of class to your attire. Warning however, no slippers or flip flops. If you're in shorts, go for loafers as slippers and flip flops are a  definite no no to a classy attire.

3. a pair of good shoes

It doesn't matter whether their sport shoes or dress shoes, shoes are a must. No one wants to see your toes and (maybe) ugly, dirty toenails. As mentioned above, a pair of slippers or flip flops are a definite no no to a classy attire. Plus, wearing those would definitely lower your style-meter. The only places you could wear them would be around your house of by the beach. Whatever it is, closed shoes all the way.

4. a pair of good jeans

Need I say more. A pair of good jeans is a definite must have for guys. Know your measurements and the type of jeans that best shows your shape. If you have big thighs (like me), forget about those slim fit jeans. It'll look horrendous.  Jeans could work for most occasions and they are comfortable to wear.

5. a plain white piece of buttoned shirt

The classic, white shirt. It's a must have for every guy. You can still have your striped or checkered, but do have a piece of plain white shirt with good fitting. In a way, plain pattern or no patterns are classy and would almost never go wrong. Also, it would be good to have a plain black shirt as well. As mentioned above, white and black are neutral colors and would not clash with any other color.

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