Monday, December 21, 2009


few more days to go and its gonna be CHRISTmas...

2ne1 wishes you a Merry Christmas

Bleach too

Death Note too

Big Bang also, Tae Yang brought a present along

Tohoshinki as well

Chise Nakamura, Bouken Yellow too

the other yellow, Shinken Yellow, Suzuka Morita too

For you girls out there, Lee Min Ho brought your present too (covers ears)


Monday, December 7, 2009

Rethinking Migration

some of you might have known that if given the chance, I would like to migrate to another country...
but now, i'm having doubts and was( and still am) rethinking on this subject...
it all started when i had a dream during my afternoon nap this afternoon.
it went like this:

i now migrated to a new place (like China or Japan)
i was studying there.
then, after school, my friends and i decided to stop by a stall to have a snack...
it said Malaysian food.
weirdly though, its not really Malaysian food.
its like wide hor fun wrapped around some fillings with curry...
(maybe kinda like on sun fun with curry, the one i like to eat in the shop near ROC)
when i bit it, i began to cry and remember Malaysia...

so now i think...
every place has its flaw...
like in my case, being a so-called second class citizen, i am deprived of many advantages in academic and positions and even politics...
however, if i work hard enough, these things wont affect me, i think...
Malaysia is still my home (i know i know... i'm supposed to say Heaven is my home, but lets talk Earth now please)