Saturday, April 20, 2013

BEDA #19 - scars

BEDA #19
Date: 20th April 2013

oops, i missed yesterday's BEDA...
so, i'll post up 2 today...

here, i'm going to talk about scars...
all of us old enough, i believe, had been scarred one way or another throughout our life...

may i quote some quotes before i start...

"Geoffrey Chaucer wrote time heals all wounds. But what he failed to mention was the scar those wounds leave behind, the painful things that happened to us permanently leave their mark. They don't necessarily hurt anymore but they're always there as a reminder, as a memory. And as time passes, maybe the memory gets a little fuzzy. But we always have the scars to remind us that it happened, that we lived through it, that we survived."
Carrie Bradshaw, The Carrie Diaries

"We are, we are, we are
Stronger from every scar
Brighter than any star
We're the outcast, o-o-outcast"
Glee, Outcast Lyrics 

i'm beginning to like these two quotes and i've begun to relate to them...
those memories we have of the past
those wounds that we get
and even the wounds we give ourselves
they will leave a scar
but with every scar
we moved on
we've been through it
we've survived
and those scars
they'll just be a memory of the past
yes, they're still there
to remind us of things that we long to forget
but what if the cure is not to forget
but to embrace it and use those experiences
to better ourselves
to move on from
and also, to help others from...

i could not relate to someone who grew up with a single parent
but maybe my friend can
i could not help that guy
but maybe my friend can
for it means nothing when i said "I understand"
but when someone who had a scar that was from that wound that person is having says "I understand"
he can be sure that he does...

i could not relate to someone who lost a pet
but maybe someone can...

but who i could relate to
are the people who are different
people who others could not relate to
because i have the scars that his wounds are from
and i would use my scars to help him with his wounds.

yours truly,

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