Monday, April 9, 2012

Charlie and Me Part 3

hey guys, i know it's been some time and i did want to write last week... to make it up to you guys, here's double of how much i usually write... so, Charlie and Me Part 3, here we go.... introducing, Chuck
Charlie and Me Part 3

It’s been three years now ever since I last saw Charlie. I graduated from NYU in film making, got my own place in Brooklyn and got a job in an office. Yea, every aspiring film makers dream to get a degree and work a 9 to 5. The days passed by pretty routinely. Wake up, get to work, take a walk around the park, get home, and watch some television and sleep. I was getting bored and not to mention lonely. Every once in a while, I would think if Charlie, if I could see her again and if she could even remember me. I wonder, how did this stranger made such an impact in my life. I hardly know her.

As I walked home from work one day, on a Friday evening actually when I decided to take a walk along Central Park. It was there that I’ll meet Chuck. There was this adoption booth being put up by some animal shelter. I was getting tired of coming home to an empty house every day and decided to take a look. The volunteer there, Penny I think her name is, greeted me with a happy smile. She showed me some of the dogs. As I was looking at these bubbly Pomeranians, I couldn’t help but notice a pair of eyes staring at me. I turned around and look and saw what I could only describe as a pup fit for me. Quiet and charming at the same time, with a beautiful caramel coat and dark brown eyes that seems to pierce through your soul. As I walked closer, the beautiful pup lied flat on the floor, his eyes gazing at me up and down. I bended my knees and looked at him. His eyes followed mine and gave a soft woof. A charming Border Terrier he is, not too big for me and not too small to threaten my masculinity. I reached out my hand to him and immediately, he sprung up on all fours, tail wagging and tongue waving at me. I scratched his head and by his closed eyes and a decent smile on his face shows me we are becoming fast friends. I waved to Penny and pointed at the Border Terrier mouthing “He is the one”

Penny came and asked me again, pointing at the Border Terrier. I nodded. She was about to pick him up when I asked if I could do it instead. Happily, Penny allowed me to pick him up.

“Hi there, Chuck.” I whispered as I believe that will be his name from now on.

Chuck licked my face in glee and a soft bark lets me know he’s comfortable with me. I followed Penny to the counter to finish up some procedures. I got to know that he is just in time for his vaccinations and wondered if I could do it myself instead. I just nodded, not thinking of the costs as I finally have someone or rather something to keep me company and no longer come home to an empty house.

Chuck and I went home and I could see that he is happy as he ran around the house, barking away, his tail wagging high in the air. I shook my head and gave a small chuckle. He was about to pee on the couch when I quickly grabbed him and ran to the bathroom. I think since then, after a few tries, Chuck learned that the place to dispose his waste would be the bathroom. I cleaned him up soon and turned on the tap for a bath. I left the water running as I went to my room to undress. Chuck followed me around like as though we grew up together. I didn’t mind it at all. In fact, I love the new company I have. I walked back into the bathroom, towel around my waist and slip into the bathtub. Chuck looked at me with his curious look. Slowly, I came out of the tub and grabbed him. I allowed his feet to touch the warm water and he doesn’t seem to flinch at all. Maybe this dog loves getting wet. I slipped into the bath tub again and took my bath with Chuck, happily making noises in the tub. It felt like the world belong to us now. I scrubbed him with the shampoo that I bought from the counter Penny was at and I have to admit, it smelt really good. Apple mint filled the bathroom as I felt like as though I want to wash myself with that too.

Soon after, I let Chuck dry off and allow him to run around the house as I took a shower. I could not be bothered enough to drain off the water and refill the tub. After my shower, we went to watch some television as Chuck jumped up on the couch towards me. I could see that he’s yawning away and decided to call it a day. I picked Chuck up and headed towards my room where we dose off.

The very next morning, I was woken up by wet tongues on my cheeks. I opened my eyes to see Chuck on top of me, looking at me as I rubbed my eyes. He barked at me playfully and begins to jump on me. I grabbed him and smiled.

“I’m up Chuck. I’m up,” I said as I put him down.

I poured some dog biscuits into his bowl before pouring some cereal into mine. I looked at him as he gobbled up his food. I couldn't help but just to shake my head and smile. I took my shower soon after as I do not have to go to work that day. I took the leash and hooked it onto Chuck’s collar. By the struggles he gave, I knew he doesn't really enjoy it but I can’t allow him to roam freely without me on the streets. After I finally got the leash hooked, Chuck was less fidgety. We walked towards the vets for him to get his vaccinations. We registered and was waiting for our turn to see the vet.

I could see the waiting room was quite empty except for us and a few pet owners, one with a small Chihuahua and another with a Siamese Cat. Not long after, a nurse came up to us. “Dr. Willows will see you now, Mr. Lee,” she said.

We walked into an office labeled Dr. Willows. The room was filled with pictures of puppies but one dominates them all as most of the walls were filled with the picture of a nice white Maltese pup. As i let my eyes wander across the room, I saw the back of the doctor, a lady with her hair in a bun and wearing a clean white lab coat. “Welcome, Mr. Lee,” she said as she turned around.

“What can I help….” She said but paused halfway.

“Charlie?” I said.

“Sky.” She replied as she pointed towards me.

“How have you been? What brings you here? Here, sit.” She asked as she invited me to sit on a chair in the room.

“Thanks. I've been good. This fella here, he needs his vaccinations. How have you been?” I replied as I pointed at Chuck.

Charlie looked up into the horizon and replied with a simple, “I don’t know. There are ups and downs,” as walks over, puts Chuck on the examination table and checks up on him. We chatted as Charlie carried out the vaccinations. Chuck was ever so brave for not even whimpering but I guess I was too busy talking to Charlie to even notice if he did. Chuck had to stay the night so they could monitor him if there are any allergic reactions to the medications they gave him. I assured Chuck that he’ll be okay as I left the room. Apparently, I was the last client for the day for Charlie as she worked the night shift last night. In a way, I felt lucky that I came on time.

I asked Charlie if she would like to go for a drink, some brunch before heading back home which she delightfully agreed to. We had a nice brunch that morning in some diner where they allow pets. I had coffee while Charlie has some croissant and coffee as well. I got to know that Charlie graduated from med school last year and is currently a veterinarian specializing with dogs and the Maltese pictures in her room were Lady, her Maltese back home. We chatted for a long time and this time, I got to ask her for her number as we exchanged numbers. I walked her back home as her house is about 3 blocks away with Chuck tagging along in my arms. We waved goodbye as she entered her house and promised to catch up some time.

I walked home alone, to an empty house again after a night with Chuck. I jumped to my couch, happy to finally see Charlie again. Though, now that I think of it, I do feel a little guilty for not thinking of Chuck more that day. Looking around the room, I feel like it needs some cleaning up and tidied up the house, spending the rest of my day to do so just to keep my mind off Charlie and Chuck.