Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nihongo Ha Dekimasu

it mean, I can speak Japanese in well...
not really well but slowly picking up.
these few day, I've been looking at Japanese language learning websites.
these are a few word i've learned.
not referring...

Ohayoo -Good Morning
Konichiwa - Hello
Konbawa - Good Evening
Oyasumi - Good Night
Oyasuminasai - Good Night (more polite)
Arigato - Thank you
Sayoonara - Good Bye
Itadakimas - Lets Eat!!!
Hishashiburi - Long time no see
Oishii - delicious
Mazuii - taste terrible
Dewa Mata Kono Tsugi - See you next time
Tsukareta - tired
Namae - name
sai - age (... years old)
Itchi (silent i at the back, so its like itch') - one
Ni - two
San - Three
Si/Yon - Four (si and yon both means 4 but si is also like die in Japanese, so its nicer to use Yon)
Go - Five
Roku - Six
Sichi/ Nana - Seven
Hachi - Nine
Ku - Nine
Zyu (pronounced like ju) - Ten
Eleven - Zyu Itchi the teens are spoken with zyu first followed by the number)
Ni Zyu - Twenty
Kanben Shitte Yo - Gimme a break
Kuyashii - Darn it!
Ureshii - Happy
Kanashii - Sad
Ringgo - Apple
Dekimasu (pronounced Dekimas') - I can do it
Dekimasen - I can''t do it
Nihongo - Japanese Language
Eigo - English language
Nihongo Ha (pronounced wa) dekimasu - I can speak Japanese
Nihongo ha dekimasen - I can't speak Japanese
Eigo de ittekudasai - Can you please speak in English?
Kudasai - please
Niisan - elder brother
Nesan - elder sister

i guess thats a few i learned, without referring...

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