Sunday, June 15, 2008

Amazing God

Amazing God,
You are amazing
Forever and ever
I stand amazed.

Here I stand in awe
Amazed at what you do
And all you've done.

You've captured my heart
And forever I'll sing
Sing your praise
Till that day
I meet you face to face
Or till you bring me home
Once again.

Verse 1
When I look to the stars at night
I know it will all be alright
With You holding me tight
Guiding me through my stormy nights.

When I'm down
I could not face myself
My ghost
They haunt me
Till I just wanna hide in a shelf
But You held me close
Whispered to my ears
"You are mine and I'll forever love you".

Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus

Verse 2
You lifted me up when I'm down
You carried me through the raging storm
So I'll forever love You
Forever worship You.

I've witnessed your power
Your mercy, your Grace
I won't turn back now
Because You are amazing
And I'm captured by it.

Repeat Chorus

To fly with You by my side
To run with You beside
To feel with You inside
Under Your wings I'll hide
Cos' I'm finally found
Found in Your eyes.

Repeat Chorus

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