Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Impossible Dreams

I've been thinking lately of some dreams that is rather impossible for me but might be possible for some other ppl...

Dream 1:
break into the Entertainment Industry...

Why its not possible: I don't have the looks and my voice is rather average

If I do, whats further dreaming: To learn Japanese and break into J-Pop, then Korean to break into K-Pop and finally, collaborate with big names like TVXQ and Da Mouth. WOW!!! Dream come true leh...

[ }(^.^){ Little Angel: weh, weh... too much eh...]

Easier one: Try Hollywood... and then Mando or Kanto Pop. Collaborate with David Archuleta, Fahrenheit and other favorites...

Why its easier: Not much language learning.

However: Never forget GOD if i do... Remember to give back to GOD by spreading His word through songs, make a good image and not be like LiLo or Britney to stain GOD's image coz we are the light.

Dream 2:
star in a Power Ranger season as the Blue or Sixth Ranger (actually, any male ranger except for red)

Why its not possible: I don't live in US, Canada, NZ or Australia. I don't have the looks and the stunts needed.

If I do, whats further dreaming: Land a guest role in Super Sentai series.

However: same thing as above...

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