Thursday, June 5, 2008

50 things bout me

I've been reading on some biodata quizzes...
take up this quiz I made...
it'll be lotsa fun, but please be honest

01. Name: Jared Yap

02: DOB: 22 May 1991

03. Blood type: B

04. Religion: Christian

05. Personality: quirky and sometimes (most of the times) wierd but not too gutsy

06. What I like most bout myself: that i can be a nice friend

07. What I dislike most bout myself: my face and weight

08. Current Message Tone: Rising Sun (JAP) chorus by TVXQ

09. Current Ring tone: Jiu Shi Ai Nie (Family) by David Tao, Just Make It Out by Manpei Takagi

10. When I look into the mirror: do i look better like this or like tat???

11. Fav. Colour(s): Blue, White,Black

12. Fav. Number: 2

13. Fav. Pet: Puppies

14. Fav. Season: Winter (love the colour of it... so peaceful)

15. Something I wish I have now: hmmm.... someone to hold me tight and is willing to be with me (hey, even a guy wants to feel secure)

16. Likes a person which: has nice personality and is nice to me

17. Dislikes a person: who is rude and thinks he is all that

18. When I'm angry: I wanna scream

19. When I'm happy: shopping anyone???

20. I look best when: I'm in a good mood and dresses normal or in casual style???

21. I look terrible: When I'm not nice

22. 1st thing when I wake up: school??? kuyashii!!!

23. If I can't sleep: toss and turn till i do or listen to music

24. Fears: insecurity

25. Fav. word/phrase: 2kool4skool

26. Languages: English, Malay, Chinese and learning a little Japanese

27. My ideal BF/GF: smart, intelligent, strong, loves GOD a lot so she can help me through if i stray

28: 1st BF/GF: none

29: 1st kiss: does my mum count??? then, not yet

30. Wanna have a BF/GF: when I am 16 but never came to past

31. Crushes: twice but none succeeded

32. What is your fav present: really dunno and can't remember

33. Most romantic imagination: walking by the beach holding hands with her and no one around

34. Impossible dream(s): star as the new Blue Ranger, be the opening act of TVXQ in M'sia

35. Latest word learned: Saranghae(Korean)

36. Confession time to him/her: looking into her eyes and say "Sa...rang...hae..."(stuttering) (i feel Korean or Japanese language is sooo romantic)

37. I'll never: rape anyone... streak... molest anyone... LOLZ...

38. If i pick up RM 1M: jump up and down but turn it in to the police cos someone might drop it

39. If I was given RM 1M: jump up and down, save some, tithe some and SHOPPING TIME!!!

40. Fav. Hobby: sleep...

41. Fav. Singer/Band: currently, TVXQ, other than that, Fahrenheit, David Archuleta

42. You discover you are not "banana" when: I started to listen to Chinese, Korean and Japanese songs

43. Happiest when: know that I'm being loved

44. Saddest when: people scolds me without real reason

45. If I can date anyone: Rina Aizawa!!! (if i'm a girl, he'll be Micky from TVXQ)

46. Like (looks): cute for girls (KAWAII!!!), clean looks for guys (maybe like the ones from TVXQ)

47. Food I can live on: SUSHI!!!! LOLZ

48. Best time of my life: Form 3 and 4 in SMKSB... memories

49. Dream ambition: entertainer (actor or singer), steward (so I can travel round the world)

50. Alcohol Tolerance level: erm... 3 sips??? LOLz... dunno, never drunk before

thats most of the things about me...
how about YOU try it...
have fun...

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Anonymous said...

hey buddy! cool stuffs! enjoyed reading ur blog...!!!rock on!