Friday, June 20, 2008



Fighting battles of life together
Hand in hand being there for each other
Through storms and rain
Always remain
Friends forever, sticking together.

Remembering the times we had together
Often laughing at one another
Though many times each other we don’t bother
Yet deep down inside, we treat each other like sister and brother.

In troubled times
We lend our shoulders
Because we know we can count on one another
To be there for each other

Even though we are all different
We stuck together
Be there for each other
If you hurt one of us
You hurt all of us.

Neither distance nor time
Will keep us from one another
Even if we are far apart
The bond we have is never too far.

Did not expect to come this far
Never expect to befriend one another
We are all too different
Yet here we are
Promising each other
Saying “Friends Forever”

Sometimes we tend to hurt each other
Sometime we went too far
But in the end it’s always the same
We made up and promise to help each other

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