Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Short Scene...

here's another scene that has been playing in my mind...
yes, i love the names Wesley and Kristy and thus used them again...
you know, if i can fill in the gaps and everything, this could actually turn out to be a script...

Wesley and Kristy were sitting at the bench just outside Kristy's dorm area.
Kirsty was crying.
"I don't know what to do Wes. I can't believe he did that to me." Kristy sobbed.
Wesley just kept quiet. He knew that saying anything wouldn't help his best childhood friend.
Wesley rubbed Kristy's back as he let her lean on his shoulder as she wept.
"Do you want me to hug you?" Wesley whispered.
Kristy just nodded silently as her head moved to Wesley's chest.
The warmth form Wesley comforted Kristy in the cold night.

"YOU! STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND!" a voice shouted from afar as a male figure approached them.
The man pulled Wesley and Kristy apart and punched Wesley in the face.
"PARRY! Stop it!" Kristy shouted.
The man, Parry turned towards Kristy.
"Babe. What happened? Did you just cry?" Parry asked her as he let go of Wesley.
"Its...its... nothing..." Kristy answered, stuttering.
"No, its not nothing. Take a wild guess at who made her cry..." Wesley said to Parry, Kristy shaking her head, mouthing a "No" at Wesley, pleading.
"SHUT YOU FACE HOLE GEEK!" Parry shouted at Wesley.
"What...what happened babe." Parry asked Kristy as he tried to grab her but she shrugged him off.
"Tell him Kris. Tell him or I will." Wesley urged Kristy.
"Tell me what?" Parry looked at Kristy.
Kristy just shake her head.

"You cant let this happen Kris. You know what you did?! Kristy saw you kissing the new girl, Sasha was it..." Wesley, getting angry said to Parry.
"Wh...I'm... I'm sorry babe. I didn't mean to. She came over me and started flirting with me. The next thing I know, she's kissing me. I know I should've stopped her, but I cant... I'm sorry."Parry pleaded with Kristy.
"What do you mean you cant?" Kristy asked, doubt and disbelieve in her tone.
"I'm a man, babe. I have my needs. And since you don't want to satisfy them, I cant help myself but get it from another girl." Parry said, justifying his actions and trying to shift the blame on Kristy.
"Wh...what?" Kristy said, in disbelieve that he just said that.
Realizing the truth of Parry's intentions to be with her, Kristy took a deep breath.
"I promised myself to stay pure and keep my virginity. If you cant respect that, I don't think we should be together." Kristy said, strong.
"So you breaking up with me now heh, b*tch. You know what, I'm tired of you keeping your V-card all to yourself. I dont need you..." Parry shouted at Kristy.
"YOU JERK!" Wesley shouted as he dashed towards Parry and punched him in the gut.
Wesley was going for another punch when Kristy stopped him.
"WES! STOP!" Kristy stopped Wesley and pulled him away.
"He's not worth it."Kristy said to Wesley, shaking her head in disappointment.
The two of them walked towards Kristy'd dorm compound.
"Yeah! Walk away now. Walk away..." Parry said as he stand up, holding his stomach in pain.
Wesley turned his head but Kristy squeezed his arm, shaking her head.
They continued to walk in.

The two besties sat on the seat of the garden set in Kristy's dorm compound.
"Does it hurt?" Kristy asked as she applied ointment at Wesley's lip bruise.
"Ow...ow..." Wesley reacted to the pain.
"It does" Wesley said with a laugh in his tone.
Then, their eyes met.
It felt like there's a connection.
Suddenly, Wesley's cellphone rang.
Wesley grabbed and answered his cellphone.
"Dude, where are you? You're supposed to be here for practice remember?" the guy on the other side said.
"Yea, yea. I'll be there soon." Wesley answered as he pressed the red button.
"Duty calls." Wesley joked as he looked at Kristy.
Kristy laughed.
"Thank you." Kristy whispered.
Wesley just nodded as he gave an assuring smile.
"I'll walk you back to you dorm." Wesley offered.
"It's okay." Kristy answered.
"No, I insist." Wesley said.
"Fine." Kristy said with a smile.

The two walked towards Kristy's dorm building.
Wesley stopped about 5 meters away from the door as Kristy walks on.
Arriving at the door, Kristy turned and gave a wave.
Wesley returned the gesture.
Kristy laughed and entered her dorm.
Wesley smiled and shook his head as he walked off.

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