Friday, December 10, 2010

Another piece...

another scene...
one of the important scenes in my short story...
i'm trying something different as in I'm gonna write this in a first person point of view and see which is better...
oh, and by the way, i figured the title for this story. well, actually, i thought of 2, need help choosing one.
should I put it as "Pages of My Diary" or "Moments with Her."?
anyways, enough of me, time for the scene...


It was the annual semester end party, but this time, it's different due to the fact that this would be our last semester thus this party will be the last annual semester end party. What made this even more different is the fact that Kristy drop the big bomb on me. And it wasn't the kind of news that anyone would like to hear from a friend let alone their best friend. She told me something that might change everything I've ever know.

Kristy was really quiet this time. She was not really in the mood for a party. Everyone on our table chatted happily but Kristy was really quiet which is really odd for her. When asked, she just said she was not feeling well, but I know theres more to that than just not feeling well.
As Kristy excused herself and head to the lady's i followed her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Kris, are you okay? You've been really quiet all night? Is something wrong? And dont tell me you're just not feeling well cos I know thats not it" I said.
"Wes, I'm fine. Really. I'm just not feeling too well." Kristy replied.
"I know you too well. Being under the weather doesn't get you down like this." I said.
"You're right. My dad got promoted. They dropped me the news yesterday." Kristy said.
"That's great!" I told her.
"The thing is, it's gonna be in LA as in Los Angeles. My whole family will be moving there next year and by next year, I mean next month." Kristy said, getting teary eyed.

Now all the pieces fit together. I know exactly why she was so quiet. At the same time, my heart crumbled and shatter into pieces. Will I be able to tell her before it is too late? Or should I tell her at all? I'm afraid that if I do, I would make this so much harder than it already is. I'll be holding her back.
Kristy began to sob as I held her and gave my shoulder for her to cry on.
Calmly, I told her "It's gonna be alright. We'll keep in touch no matter where we are and how far we're apart. We have Facebook and Skype now, remember."

I faked a smile as I told her that, holding my tears back as I'm about to let go of the girl I fell for.
It was always Kristy's dream to go and have a new life in New York and LA is one step nearer to achieving it for her.
I was not going to hold her back. I couldn't afford to. Seeing her happy is that important to me.
She looked at me as I gently wiped the tears from her eyes.
Her mascara smudged and we started laughing, just to break the tension.
I watched her as she made her way to the lady's, my heart aches with every step she took.
It will only be 10 more days till she leaves.
In those 10 days, I'm gonna try my best to make sure she leaves without a single regret in mind.
I promised myself that and I promised not to let her know how I felt about her.

That day finally came, the day where Kristy would leave to be half way around the world, too many miles too far away.
We are at the airport, just me and Kristy's family.
My parents could not make it due to work obligations and I had to send them to the airport.
I pulled Kristy aside soon after.
I wanted to bid my last farewells to her in private.
My heart wanted to say those three words but "I'll miss you...a lot." came out instead.
"I'll miss you too." she said.
"Take care okay." I said to her.
She just nodded.
We hugged after that.
I wish time would stop for a moment like this.
It was a hard Goodbye.

We let go of each other as we walked back to Uncle Christopher, Auntie Katie, and Kira, Kristy's sister.
I accompanied them till the furthest I could go.
I watched as they walked into the terminal and waved my final farewell as Kristy walked pass the arch.
I stayed a while longer as i watched the airplanes take off.
Confident that that airplane was the one Kristy was on board, I waved up to the sky as I watch it leave.
Walking back to my car, I felt my world changing.
No more calling up somebody or expecting somebody to call me in the middle of the night just to talk. No more lunches together every Tuesday, Kristy's and my weekly routine, no more laughing our heads of at silly jokes and puns and also, no more walking through the streets with somebody by my side after a long day.

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