Sunday, November 28, 2010

Youtube Amazing Race?

a number of famous youtubers that i follow on twitter were "discussing" on a Youtube Amazing Race...
if that ever happens, what will the 11 teams of 2 will be?
lets see my list.
(this is purely made up, which will probably never happen, but oh well)

01. Team HappyJumba - Kevin Wu and Christine Gambito
02. Team WangFu - Philip Wang and Ted Fu
03. Team Stalk Fest - Wesley Chan and Cathy Nguyen
04. Team A.S.S - Ryan Higa and Arden Cho
05. Team Aussies - Natalie Tran and Mitch
06. Team MTWY - David Choi and Kina Grannis
07. Team Vic-Trix - Dominic Sandoval and Victor Kim
08. Team Smosh - Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla
09. Team Beauty Gurus - Lindy Tsang and Michelle Phan
10. Team Yale - Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui
11. Team La-Ter - Chester See and Lana McKissack

UPDATE! (07/12/10)
i finally finished the video...
made some changes to the teams

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