Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A "short" love story

this is a whole different story than the one i did before and will do after this...

Friends around Sky are slowing getting into a relationship one by one.
Naturally, Sky got a little jealous.
What is he lacking that he cant seem to get the girls.

Then, in his class, he saw Molly.
She was smart, polite and overall nice.
She's just average in the looks department but that doesn't matter.
Sky is a bit desperate, not wanting to lose out.
He tried to drop subtle hints to Molly.
He walks her to to the bus stop after classes, greets her every morning and even got her gifts for her birthday.
He was rather unsure if she even got the message.
Little did he realize, Sky slowly fell for Molly.
His "challenge" turned into genuine affection.

Soon enough, Sky's friends got the idea and encouraged him.
They knew Molly longer than Sky and they know that Molly is not an easy target.
They tried to help but it was not working.

Soon after, the school organized a trip.
Sky went but Molly cant.
During the trip, a girl, Emily took in a liking towards Sky.
Emily said that she would like to have a shot at being with Sky.
Now, Emily is pretty, tall, funny and optimistic.
She' smart too but not as smart as Molly.

Sky was taken aback by the remark.
Honestly, he was not sure.
He just laughed it off, treating it as a mere joke.
He thinks it is not fair for Molly.
How if Molly got the message but pretended not to know.
How of Molly might like him too but is too shy to tell.

Sky doesn't want to lose his friendship but he doesn't want to miss this chance either.
Sky is confused.
He didn't know what to do.
If he goes out with Emily, it might be unfair for Molly.
But if he continues to pursue Molly, he might lose his friendship with Molly and it would also be unfair for Emily.

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