Monday, December 29, 2014

Nike Shoes and How to Wear Them

hey y'all,
how's the holidays so far?
how's Christmas?

so, i woke up this morning and decided to just check up on the blog (well, since this blog is pretty low in traffic, i guess i need not check up on it too often or at all but i did)
i found a comment left on my OOTD post and decided to take a read...
turns out, well, Zalora approached me to have a collab with them and to write up on Nike Shoes...
as we all know, Zalora is a online fashion shopping site and when it comes to fashion, i'll be interested (albeit not having a lot of chances to be)
(wah, like big time blogger where people approach you to write)
My mission, if i were to accept it, is to write up on Nike shoes...
if you know me in person, or if i've told you before, Nike is one of my favourite brands of shoes
heck, my first branded pair of sport shoes were Nike's and i've been wearing Nike's for years since then until one fateful day where i did some spring cleaning and had to donate my shoes away leaving me with no Nike shoes... :(
but, oh well, i guess i'll get a pair when i have the chance...

now, guys,
i sometimes blog on fashion tips and today is one of those days
well, Aaron Marino from Alpha M says that you attire should start from the shoes and today, let's put that into action...
here are some suggestions on how to complement your Nike's

everyone knows that Nike's are well known for their sports line
if you're going to the gym or just shooting some hoops, you could pair your Nike's with some gym shorts or even sweat pants.
heck, if you're feeling a bit lazy but you need to go out, just slip on some Nike's and well, let's just say that your fashion points will rise

if you're going for a more casual look, one that is suited for out hot weather, you could even pair your Nike's with shorts. Bear in mind though that if you're wearing your Nike's with shorts, they should not be from the basketball shoes line. it's just not right and it doesn't fit well... trust me, i've been there... and now, Nike even has some casual looks that is comfortable to walk around with but more importantly, fashionable. pair you tan Nike's with bermudas. you could match the colors or let it be different, just play with it at your own accord... there's no biggie, just experiment and see...

you could even take your Nike's indoors. wear them to class or even in the office for casual Fridays. pair them with dark jeans or even chinos... as for your top, you could go a little less casual by putting on a polo t-shirt, a button up, sweaters or just any type of top you would wear in the office... however, Nike's walk a fine line between casual and formal and you need to be fashion savvy to be able to walk that line and not cross over...

below is a quick guide on what to pair which type of shoes with provided by Business Insider

so, with that in mind, head on to Zalora and check out their Nike Shoes Collection and expand your wardrobe for the coming year...

Happy New Year and May 2015 Be Awesome

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