Thursday, December 4, 2014

First Christmas Shopping (for myself) Haul

Hey there. It's been a while.
I'm not too sure what happened this entire year that I've put blogging aside.
I've had my break and I guess it's time for a "comeback".
So, as for my comeback, my first post will be a haul on my first Christmas shopping (in a way)

Firstly, I have to say, a few days before, I cleared my closet for the Christmas Carnival Jumble sale and so, well, I don't have as many clothes as I used to...
I mean, look at the amount of clothes I'm letting go (cue "Let it Go")

Yea, so yesterday, I was with my kids for their class party.
Pretty nice of them to invite me despite only teaching them for about 4 months.
We were at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam for the class party where we ate and bowl and well, i did a little shopping there myself.
But first, let's see what my kids got me.

A ceramic tumbler from Syana and a H&M Shirt from the class... Wait, how did they know H&M is one of my favourite clothing stores??? 0_0
Thank you 4 Ali. #4AliForever

Moving on to my own purchases...
Oh, by the way, I've put allotted and budgeted to spend no more than RM100 on clothes and guess what, I spent less than that including all the non-clothing items... score!

From H&M Setia City Mall, I got myself 2 Christmas trunks and a pair of wayfarers (to be placed in my sister's car so i don't have to get my eyes burnt when i'm in her car in the afternoons)
Oh ya, have I told you I totally love it when H&M has clearance. I asked the cashier if it's a Christmas Sale or a Clearance and he said that they don't do sales, just clearance and indirectly, i think i asked him the frequency of these clearance sales and i think he says it's quarter-yearly. Anyone with insight could shed some light please.
So, the wayfarers cos only RM10 (original price is RM24.90, but the last time the screw for the exact same wayfarer dropped and I can't find an optical shop who could help out, and opted to wanting to get a new pair, it was RM39.90. It's safe to say i didn't get them then and now I'm thankful). Now that i think about it, i have to admit it's pretty unnecessary since i've fixed my shades but i guess i'll just put them in my sister's car.

Moving on to Christmas trunks!!!
If they keep this up, I might do this every year.
Last year, the Christmas trunks' theme was South Park. This year, we have The Simpsons and there's two of them. However, last year, the trunks were going for RM10 but this year, they're going for RM15. (original price is RM39.90, so, i guess i got 2 for less than the price of 1 then...) . Truth is, i didn't know the design for this year will be The Simpsons, i thought it'll just be a patterned pair of trunks and lo and behold, i was (pleasantly) surprised with the quirky The Simpsons graphic on them. I guess a little Christmas Trunks will get me more into the Christmas mood.
(Oh, puh-lease, of course i won't have a picture of me in them)

So, from H&M, due to the clearance, I've "saved" [(RM24.90 - RM10) + 2(RM39.90 - RM15)] = RM RM64.70
not bad i would say...
in a way, i can't wait to see the other H&M stores to see if they have anything else on clearance that was not offered in the one in Setia City Mall.

Now, my other purchase from Setia City Mall is a rather impulsive and useless buy. It was more for satisfying my own want. I've been eyeing this wooden alphabet from Typo for a while, and by a while, i mean ever since i've laid eyes on it. When it first came out, i think it was for RM5. They are not going for RM6. Although it's a bit pricier than it was back then, i guess it's just a tiny present for myself now that i've cleaned up my room and want to put a bit of character and decoration to it. I know i could also get similar one's from Cotton On but i'm not sure how much they are there. Might be cheaper, might be more expensive.

Other than those, i got redeemed myself (well, technically not really for myself but i'm just seizing the opportunity to redeem some freebies) 2 packets of Estee Lauder Anti-Ageing cream that i'll give out for Christmas.

You could get redeem yours by filling in a form in the link below

Click Here for Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme sample request form.

So, in total, I spent RM46 in Setia City Mall but had a blast with the kids. Thank you 4 Ali. Good Luck and All the Best with your SPM and life in general. I have no doubt you guys will do good.
(it's highly probable that they will not see this but oh well)

After Setia City Mall, i had some time to kill before going to the airport to pick my dad up so i headed to Citta Mall cos they are having a Reject Shop warehouse sale.

Well, yea, there were rugs going for RM6 but not much was there. The cheapest clothing for guys is RM15 (well, there are boxers going for RM10 if you want to consider those as clothing) but i guess if you're a lady (or you like wearing lady clothes, no judgement here) you could get stuff for as low as RM9.

I picked up some t-shirts priced at RM15 but ultimately only got 1 of them which I like cos i thought of getting more gray tops to go for a more casual manly feel. The others were good but i guess i would only go for this one as the others (though very nice) but did not attract me as such and i'm pretty much groomed mentally to be frugal as of late. (yea, ironic that i'm supposed to be frugal but doing a haul post)

And now for the last item(s) for the day, well, it's not so much of a for-fun buy but it's to replace my lost items. As usual, forgetful/clumsy/careless me would lose my stationary. I've lost my cutting items (blade and my scissors). So, i went to Times to get them replaced. Got myself some Scotch Tape as well as i've used my last one and i'm running low. Since i have my Kad Siswa, there was a bit of a discount, not much but i've got a bit off. The bill came up to RM18.40 for those 3 items (well, 4 if you consider the tape as 2 items).

Total Expenditure on items for the day:

RM40 + RM6 + RM15 + RM18.40 = RM 79.40!!!

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