Sunday, August 16, 2009

Its Too Early for This...

I know its too early for this but I'm ADDICTED TO CHRISTMAS SONGS...
particularly 2 songs by Plus One entitled 'This is Christmas' and 'I Won't Forget This Christmas'
they're pretty nice and fresh (for me)...
here are the lyrics...
(look up the songs online, maybe youtube has them)

This is Christmas

They wished upon a star
Three wise men traveled far to see
A babe who was born to be King
The dream in heaven’s dreams
That made the prophets’ words complete
And the angels begin to sing

They looked to the sky
Followed the light
Love’s greatest gift
Had come to us that night

Can you feel the spirit in the air
Giving hope to people everywhere
Celebrate our Savior’s here
This is Christmas
Hallelujahs echoing tonight
Now everything will be alright
Celebrate our Savior’s here
This is Christmas

I know we’ve seen some times
When joy has been so hard to find
And life seems to take more than faith
But we dreaming heaven’s dream
And finding hope within our hearts
To believe that there’s more than we see

We looked to the sky
Followed the light
Love’s greatest gift
Has come again tonight

repeat Chorus

There’s no greater gift
Than the life that you gave
All the hatred
Rearrange it
Spread all the love
Spread all the love (the love, the love, the love)

repeat Chorus 3x
I Won't Forget This Christmas

What if there was no manger
No wise men
No Savior
Just another day
In December

I’d be hopeless
Oh so hopeless
But on that day
With the Angels
Creation waiting
He came as a baby
And like an echo
Across the world
A cry was heard
And changed everything

So I won’t forget this Christmas
That I am nothing without you
You are the star
That guides my heart
I won’t forget (I won’t forget)
This Christmas

Should I get distracted
Bring me back to
What matters
All the presents they
They will fade away
You are forever
Oh you’re forever
‘Cause nothing compares
To the gift you gave
My life you saved
And so I promise you

repeat Chorus

La la la la
I will not forget
La la la la
What you did
‘Cause you are the life and
The breath
The reason I exist
You know I won’t forget

repeat Chorus 2x

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