Sunday, July 15, 2007

what should i say to her???

i like a girl... (cannot tell who)
but i dunno what to say to her...

"Let me understand clearly through the night,
Who am I without you?
Who needs this so-called freedom,
My whole world is already being possessed by you"

its a translation from a Chinese song entitled Zhan You(Possessed) by Fahrenheit

"So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don''t know what else i can do
Don't tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life

Baby I will wait for you
If you think I'm fine it just ain't true
I really need you in my life
No matter what i have to do I'll wait for you"

the chorus of a song from Elliott Yamin, Wait For You

or make up my own words...

"I have fallen deeply, madly in love with you,
My world is full of you,
When I wake up, I think of you,
When I sleep, I think of you.

I may not be the perfect man,
But what I have, I promise you,
To hold your hands through your storms,
To put my arms around you when the storm arrives,
To be your crying shoulder.

I'm just a phone call away,
Anytime, Anywhere,
You can count on me to pick up the phone
'Coz I'm deeply, madly in love with you."

suggestions anyone???

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