Sunday, September 23, 2012


it's been way long peeps...
miss me? (who am i kidding? this place is as empty as my cookie jar....)

the other day, my friends and i were playing with henna tattoos...
and i though of writing the word Live on my wrist...
(but we didn't come to that cos the one we have has a blunt tip... too thick to write with)
but why Live?

I choose Live because it represents life...

To live in the moment
To cherish life
To live and not give up
To not just die
To simply... LIVE
For being aLIVE is a gift that we sometimes take for granted

and many times, i do feel like life is meaningless
cos sometimes, i feel like God is so far away
and this makes me feel dead albeit being alive...
so, to be alive, is also be close to God and that is why i think my new motto in life is
LIVE... (pronounced 'leave' not 'laiv')

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stephananious said...

You had me at cookie jar.....WORD!