Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Script? Who wants to help me film?

Dark Rainy Daze
Setting: Cafe, Raining heavily outside, Evening

Scene 1
A girl sitting by the window sipping on coffee, looking outside

Monologue: Today was the day he left me. He left me without a goodbye. He went away with her, far far away. The rain, oh the rain, you bring me such peace on this dreadful day. Oh, you mug of coffee, your kiss brings me comfort and oh chair, your sturdiness gives me support. It's like you guys are the only ones that understand my feeling now.

Scene 2
An office guy sitting at a corner, staring blankly onto a piece of paper.

Monologue: Today was the day I left my job. Or rather, my job left me. Goodbye financial security. And in this time and age, where can i find a good job. What did I do? What WILL I do? Would this be my last cup of good coffee? Would this be my last time wearing this necktie? Would this be the last time I actually even get to wear a necktie? Will all my Armani's lay in the closet, waiting for the day when i finally have a garage sale?

Scene 3
The rain finally stops. The girl looks outside and saw a rainbow. The guy looked up and saw the rainbow too. A little smile emerges from the girls face. She silently giggled a little as though she remembers something funny. The guy lifted his hand to call for the bill. The waiter came and the guy paid for his cup of coffee. He then walked over to the door. He looked at the girl and the girl looked back at him and they both smiled.

Scene 4
The words "There will always going to be a better tomorrow."

The end

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