Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Song Tag...

back by popular demand, the SONG TAG...
but this time, i did the tag...hehe
you know the rules, if not...
here they are:

1. Put your Media Player on shuffle...
2. For each question, hit the next button...
3. Answer the question with the title of your song no matter how weird it is...

What song will you play when you sleep?
Hey (Don't Bring me Down) - TVXQ

What will happen when it rains?
All These Live - Daughty (what happens to these lives???)

What happens when you did not sleep?
Your Grace is Enough - Chris Tomlin

Whats your ambition?
Jesus Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood (Jesus Decides)

What do you say to your newlywed?
The River - Chris Tomlin

When you fart you say...
Drip Drop - Vanessa Hudgens (what? liquified fart?!)

When someone kicks you, you say?
In this Moment - David Archuleta (in this moment, i'll kick you back...haha)

What's the number after 50?
All Bow Down - Chris Tomlin (yup, all bow down cos the number after 50 is coming)

When you were born, what happened?
Think of Me - David Archuleta (someone thinks of me when i'm born... cool)

What would you sing on your next birthday?
I'm Sorry - John Hoon (i'm sorry there is no party...)

What will be your wedding march song?
Breakdown - Daughtry (i guess she'll breakdown on the aisle... why?!)

What do your parents call you?
Next Plane Home - Daniel Powter (taking off now... booo booo boo wheee)

You hate it when...
Resolution - Nick Lachey (i guess i don't like to make resolutions)

You love it when...
This is my Now - Jordin Sparks (yay! i love it when it's my now!)

Your next BF/GF will sing this song to you to as a confession.
Let's Dance - Vanessa Hudgens (okie i guess)

Your best friend confesses that he/she like you A LOT, you say...
Canvas - Ken Hirai (i'll take out a canvas and???)

What do you say when your pet licks you?
What I want - Daughtry (lolz)

When you see the Jonas Brothers, what will you say?
Just Words - Emma Lahana (i'll just say words...lolz)

When your friends say hi, you...
Running - David Archuleta (i'll run?)

Your friends say you're weird, you say...
Afraid - Vanessa Hudgens (i guess i'll be afraid if they say that, or they'll be scared for saying i'm weird...muahahaha)

Diane Lee
Kimberly Koh
Carissa Morias
Alyssa Koh
Christen Koh
Jeremy Duke
Aaron Tay
Margaret Lau
Yuki Poon
Grace Purait

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Shiba Takeru-kun said...

You could've actually done this on Facebook. HAHA.