Saturday, February 14, 2009

American Idol Season 8 (IMO)

so, i just watched American Idol Season 8 Top 36 picking

this year has gotta be one of the most unpredictable selections for the top 36...
some that i did not like AT ALL are in namely Tatiana (i agree with Simon, she's annoying... was she a hyena in her past life, figuratively speaking though... ah... you know what i mean)
and Nathaniel Marshall (too dramatic... and not to mention, i hate his style cos its very erm... the mild gothic with piercings and tattoo... just maybe no black eyeliners)
those are the two i dislike most that got through...

but the most sad story is when the two bff had to seperate...
my favorite pairing, Danny and Jamar had to seperate
Danny got in and Jamar sis not make it...
thank god they did not make them do a sing off against one another cos it'll be VERY hard for Danny and Jamar...

so this year,
i'm rooting for

Jasmine Murray

Lil Rounds

Kristen Mcnamara

Alexis Grace

Jackie Tohn

Danny Gokey

Von Smith

Adam Lambert

Michael Sarver

Scott Mcintyre

people i wanna AXE out QUICK!!!
Tatiana del Toro (shes TOO annoying)

Nathaniel Marshall (ugh...too emo)

Norman Gentle(i kinda like Nick's voice... but i'm not too sure... he has a nice voice but gotta hate the Norman Gentle act)

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