Friday, April 4, 2008

April Unfooled (and other events this week)

this year, I'm April Unfooled...
Cute har..
I'm not tricked and didn't trick...

This week, mum n dad is outstation...
They went to Chiang Mai for mission trip.
So, I did all da cooking and stuff...

Tuesday, I had Chem tuition at 4.
I was waiting for the bus since like 2 sumthing. De bus was so running late.
At around 3.20 like tat, i saw a taxi and stopped it.
De driver asked where i'm goin. I said Rawang and he answered that it will cost me 20 bucks. Woah!
So, i was pondering quickly and spotted de bus arriving. Thank God.
De driver smiled and i went off to da bus.
I arrived 5 minutes early.
Goin home is another story.
I went to KFC and Parkson to get some stuff.
Stopped by guardian to look at Perfume Generics as my dad broke my perfume bottle few weeks back.
Cant find any i like so i went off.
Saw a bus and hoped it was not goin to Tasik Puteris which was where I'm goin cos its like quite far away form where i am to the bus. I was contemplating whether i should run cos if i do, I may gain if the bus is where i'm heading or i may loss if de bus is not where i'm goin. But i made a bad choice not to run.
Reached de station, sad enough to learn tat de bus tat just left was indeed goin to where I'm headin.
Had to wait for an hour like tat.
The, Komuniti Transpoet arrived. Got on it, de bus driver parked de bus and went off smoking.
De bus only moved an hour later.
So, unfortunate of me, i had to wait for 2 hours.
P/S: Note to self, never, i repeat NEVER go on Komuniti Transport ever again. Price is irregular. Sometimes RM1, sometimes RM2 when i'm goin de same place.

Public speaking was this week...
No, I didn't get any placing...
I was like "Get it done and over with. Don't bother me no more kay?!"
But de funny thing is tat, some of us participants and audience clicked like we've known each other for ages but the truth is, we've not met before or just see each other in other competitions.
Dean (which i knew since form 1), Sarah Dickman, de other Sarah, Rachel (i dunno her Indian name), Grace, me and a few other girls.
There's this contestant from SMK Taman Desa, he is like so sissy. His hand actions are like as though he has no limbs in them.Ewww... (goosebumps rise)
Sarah freaked when he sat near her in de quarantine room. LOLZ
I was so knocked out (not knocked up, puh-leez) on de way home i could sleep but i can't coz this is my teachers car. It will be great shame if i slept in his car. I tahan only.
arrived home, i straight away went to kitchen to cook dinner, haven't even take off my socks.
Finish, shower, makan a bit (i don't even know whether i makan o not) and snooze off. Bye bye world, hello pillow.
Woke up and ate dinner while watching Alvin and de Chipmunks while chatting wid my new fren Sarah (yep, multi-tasking). and de rest was nothing...

Thursday marks de 1st day i go to Jaguh Gemilang.
It was raining cats and dogs when i leave de hse to go to de bus station.
I left de hse at 3. De bus only arrived at around 3.50.
Tat oso i almost miss it cos i was doin some stuff n not notice it until Tuan (she's a SHE) told me.
de bus went to Batu Arang and made a big turn to go to Country Homes (CH).
A bus which heads straight to CH, takes 5 to 15 minutes, but we made a big round to Batu Arang, causing it to be 30 to 40 minutes.
I tot i was late and went to class.
I went into de right class but wrong subject. De class before it was not done.
Humiliation of de century, >.<
Mimie saw me and called me to de "hang out room". so i went and saw Eshak and Eqhbal there. They're not takin Chem which is currently on.
1st subject, Bio was ok.
2nd subject, Physics. I don't understand a single thing as de teacher did questions. wats EMF?! and when we were doin "test" he was talking to a boy bout Mr.Seelan, my Perfection Chem Teacher and Perfection(de tuition center i'm goin as well for Chem.). I dunno wat they were talking bout, but if it was bad stuff, then my blood will boil cos Mr.Seelan is a nice person.

other days was so-so, de usual.

Today, Ps.Chu Soon brought us out for dinner in Pizza Hut.
When was de last time i had pizza hut??? i can't remember.
Kim said she noticed tat i've not been updating you my dear blog, so here i am...LOLZ.
Thx Kim for telling me... At least i know there's ppl reading and my blogging is not in vain...LOLZ.

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