Monday, March 16, 2015

Product Review : Hanz de Fuko Quicksand

Hey guys, it's been a while. Recently, I've purchased my first Hanz de Fuko product from Luxola and here's my little take on it.

I heard a lot about Hanz de Fuko online and thought I had to give it a try. However, it is not easy to obtain it in Malaysian and, let's face it, the price is pretty much above the average price range for a student. When i saw/heard that Luxola is having a 20% off when using Visa Credit Card, plus, free delivery above RM40 and having 2 free samples, I just had to try it out.

Now, on to the review of the product. I would say that I'm pretty much satisfied with what I'm having so far. I've tried it for a week already and so far, I have no qualms about it. The hold is good and still pliable where/when necessary. With the weather here in Malaysia, I've always had the problem of sweat washing off any products in my hair. However, with the dry shampoo infused in Quicksand, it pretty much absorb the sweat and still help keep my hair up.

I've gone to my stylist for a haircut (yes, with Quicksand in my hair), and my hair is still pliable and up after my cut, after my stylist sprayed water onto my hair. He even asked me if I was using hairspray (which is a testament to the hold Quicksand provides).

The matte finish effect also rings true as it looks as if I did not put anything in my hair but it's still holding up nicely. I've always wanted to have a matte finish hair but all the products with matte finish that I've used before does not have enough hold to hold my hair up the whole day.

As for the smell, I've read that quite a number of you are put off by the smell. Personally, I find it okay. Not that it's a pleasant smell, but it's tolerable. I may suggest maybe some hair mist (or maybe your deodorant?) to mask the smell if it's too much for you.

As for the price, yes, it's a little over my price range but when I think about it, I've been using 4 products just to keep my hair in place for the whole day and when I calculate it, the prices of Hanz de Fuko products are pretty much well worth it (if you do not have to worry too much about shipping). One of the reasons I put off getting Hanz de Fuko products is that it's pretty much out of my price range and the shipping from the US pretty much makes it a no-brainer to turn in down for a student. However, with Luxola which ships to Malaysia and also provides free shipping when your purchase if above RM40, then, I guess it's all worth it.

Now, I can't wait for Luxola to restock and to try Claymation.


Keith Yeoh said...

Thank you for the review dude.

Not sure if you aware that, actually I found out this website is also selling Hanz de Fuko products and they're based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jarrett Yap said...

Thank you Keith for you comment and your website recommendation.
I was not aware of that and now I am. Thank you so much for the heads up.
Well, as of now, I prefer to use Luxola as they have a 20% discount if you pay using Visa. However, thank you for the heads up as I would probably purchase form Kudos Pomade once mine runs out again. Thank you.