Friday, April 1, 2011

and so it happened

this is a true story... it happened yesterday night... late at night, i heard a knock at my door.... you might not find this weird but, you might not know this... i live alone.... oh kay... tbh, i was a little creeped out but when i heard a jingle, i knew it was my mum... but, why was she back? she was back with my sister... they were worried sick... you see, they called me and messaged me many times but i didn't answer.... turns out, i left my cellphone in my car... (kinda funny) you see, i was supposed to call my mum every night when i reach home after work... i thought about it and the thought became, i thought i already did (for some odd reason)... and then, i got a bit of a lecture... and my mum said, "it's not even 12 yet, and you already did this..." it was unintentional... i really forgot that i left my cellphone in the car.... -the end- so, you can get on with you amazing life now...

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