Friday, October 10, 2008

Camp Rock Girls reminds me of....

some of the Camp Rock girls reminds of some other celebs somehow...
lets evaluate...

Demi Lovato (Mitchie) reminds me of Miley Cyrus

Reason: They are both brunettes... Demi's voice is a little deep, husky and "sexy" like Miley's. And the have the same cute cheeks
For the sake of my friends: DEMI IS WAYYYY HOTTER AND COOLER!!!

Alyson Stoner (Caitlyn) reminds me of.... she doesn't remind me of anyone else... but as pictures go... here is she from the earlier days as Sarah Baker of Cheaper By The Dozen (I knew I've seen her somewhere before)
~ Now ~ Then

Meaghan Martin (Tess) reminds me of Krystal Meyers

Reason: Not just the blond hair... There's something with the pout I think...

Anna Maria Perez de Tagie(Ella) reminds me of Janel Parrish

Reason: They look pretty alike, don't you think...The brown hair and Hawaian eyes and tan.
Wonder where you've seen Janel Parrish, Kim? In Heroes Season 2, she played Claire's friend.

Jasmine Richards (Penny) reminds me of Monique Coleman and Raven Symone

Reason: She has a little bit of both looks...

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