Saturday, August 23, 2008


its a combination of SUCK and BUCKINGHAM PALACE...

its back to school. thats why...

why Sucking-ham Palace???
i hate the place...
school that is, not Buckingham Palace (where in London is it? is it even in London?)
a reject, an outcast, a misfit...

i guess i just don't fit in there...

Kouse once "asked" me...
"You don't fit in right?"
"Yea." I just replied plainly.
"You noticed?" I asked back.
"Yea." she answered.
this shows how obvious it is...

Farah gave me a smack-on-the-face news that i know but never expect someone to realize.
"Ramai orang tak suka kamu." she said.
"Saya tau. Buat-buat tak tau jer." I replied.
"Diorang kata ko sombong." she contiunued.
"Saya sombong ke?' I asked her.
"Tak." she answered.

the truth hit me the whole day that someone actually realize that people there HATE me.
what did i do to them???

I chatted with D and A about it.
"Diorang yang kata kau sombong tu bodoh." said A.

but then, my motto for this year is
"I will never conform to be who you want me to be just to fit in."
(cont.) God made me this way, and I don't find any problem nor problems with my attitude to society.

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