Saturday, May 17, 2008

Love Quotes

They say you only fall in love once
I do not believe them
Because whenever I look into your eyes
I fall in love all over again.

I know love is a miracle
One day, my love will come
When I least expect
I’ll fall in love.

When you fall in love
Nothing seems bad enough
Because you know
In the end
Someone is loving you, missing you
And wanting you.

Happy is he who falls in love
But happier is he who found true love.

Love is not love
Until you give it all away

There is only one thing captured that makes you feel good
It’s when she captured your heart.

Love is like a dream
Where you never want to wake up.

Love is when you look at her
When she just woke up
And say she’s beautiful
When she has no make up on
And say she’s radiant
When she just came out from the gym
And you kiss her cheeks.

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